Material Grades

Lamellar graphite cast iron according to EN 1561:

  • EN-GJL-200
  • EN-GJL-250
  • EN-GJL-300

Nodular graphite cast iron according to EN 1563:

  • EN-GJS-400-18 LT
  • EN-GJS-400-18
  • EN-GJS-400-15
  • EN-GJS-450-10
  • EN-GJS-500-7
  • EN-GJS-600-3
  • EN-GJS-700-2

Weight limit of products

The average weight limits of our castings are between 0,5 kg and 200kg per piece.

We can also undertake the production of castings with special extansions with unique production.


Electric melting with 2 x 2 ton AJAX medium frequency - 300 Hz, 1.500 KW - induction furnaces.

Moulding technology

  • Automatic Vertical: DISAMATIC 2013
  • Mould Size: 600mm x 480mm
  • Semi-automatic Jolt-Squeezing Horizontal: FOROMAT 20/30/40
  • Mould size: from 400mm x 500mm x 125mm to 900mm x 900mm x 400mm

Shot-blasting and Grinding technology

Our Cleaning Workshop is equipped with shot-blasting machines to make homogenous surface on our castings.

We set up our machinery to be able to fulfill the shot-blasting of our wide product portfolio.

After the shot-blasting process, we send the castings to our grinding workshop. Grinding of items is done under the continuous controll of Quality Department with approved grinding sample on each station of our grinders.

Cleaning, painting

To avoid the corrosion of castings, we undertake the painting of castings on the basis of customer requirements.

Our ground coating can guarantee items free from rust for 6 months.

We use water-based, one component primers with dipping of castings.

Colour can be defined by RAL numbers.


    Machining Capabilities & Dimensional Limits:

  • Milling: X = 1600mm Y = 600mm
  • Turning: Ø = 500mm (Z = 1000mm)
  • Plane Grinding = 200mm x 600mm
  • Cylindrical Grinding: Ø = 200mm x 600mm

Pattern Production

We produce the moulding tools internally in our own workshop or with the cooperation of our subcontractors.


MAGMA is a simulation program. MAGMA is a powerful tool that supports the designer and foundryman in the tasks of improving and optimizing the casting process. MAGMA is a tool for the foundry industry that helps quickly and efficiently to test a wide range of improvement options and variations regarding their effectiveness. Highly demanding casting trials, which are expensive, time consuming and cause delays in production, are minimized or avoided altogether. Potential problems can be recognized and removed in the design phase already. This allows the foundryman to optimize the casting process. So MAGMA meets one important requirement of modern quality management systems, which are heading for the shortest possible lead times with minimal risk of defects. Expensive reject castings are avoided, and the quality of the finished product is guaranteed from the very beginning of production.


Simulation of the DISAMATIC process. MAGMAdisa is a cooperative development with the DISA company. With the help of this simulation tool, you can determine favorable cooling and shake out times of the casting under different process conditions. You can display a procedure diagram in order to display cooling and shake out times under different cooling route process conditions and after shake out in the cooling drum. You can use there timees to optimize the process design.


Simulation of iron casting (gray, ductile and compacted graphite iron solidification) The MAGMAiron module was developed for the solidification and feeding simulation of the above mentioned iron types. The exact composition of the melt and its effect on the nucleation, liquid fraction and solidification behaviour are considered In this way you are provided with quantitative information about the solidification morphology of cast iron alloys as well as the distribution of the mechanical properties after solidification.