Quality politics of Foundry Szeged

The keystone of our company politics of Foundry Szeged Ltd. is an international certified quality management system which we continuosly develop. Our intention is to deepen the confidence of our partners and to form connections with new customers.

Our effort is, besides the increase in our competitiveness of our products, manufacturing products of good quality which meet the claims of customers better and better and suit the european norms.

We undertake to make and produce the ordered product from the product palette aaccording to their requires - with the assurance of the satisfactory production level - without a fault and we complete our activity with services that make the work of our customers easier and effectiver. We put our production and the services for our customers under this conception, too.

We measure and analyse consecutively the satisfaction of our customers which can form the basis to the continuous development and improvement. This improvements give the basis to require the certified system of our suppliers, if it isn't possible, they must accept our quality principles and suit our requirements.

All our workers consider the quality management as their daily routine.
Besides that we consider the commitment of the workers to the quality work and competence as an essential respect, we strive to reduce the possibility of the human mistake and to stop the potential mistake possibilities and to prevent the incidence of the possible mistakes.

We expect high level, quality orientated work from all our workers. This is favoured by our management with the necessary personal and material conditions and with assuring of the acceptable workplace.

We promote our undiminished development with the continuous training of our workers and the realisation of the ideas which help the development of our system and so we improve the quality of our products. Our workers accept the responsibility for the quality of the products and services.

Szeged, 16 December 2002
Kovács Sándor managing director